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Industrial Solutions personnel has experience and serves in the following industries: oil and gas, medical/pharmaceuticals, hi-tech and shipping vessels.

We sell and represent leading pipe and tubing manufacturers: Axxair, Avani Environmental, Copier, EWM Group Hotwire TIG SPEED, Magnatech, Pandjiris, Protem, Watts Specialties and others.


4425 Mustang Road
Alvin, TX. 77511
Tel: (281) 824-0356  or Toll Free  (866) 776-8367
Fax: (281) 824-0357

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Pipe and Tube Equipment Texas

Pre-Fab PROTEM Line Dallas TX
Roller Bed Pipe Cutting Fort Worth
Profile Cutting Line Houston
Pipe Welding Machine Rentals Houston
Tig Welding Machines Dallas
Tube Welding Rentals Supply Dallas
ARC Machine Rentals Houston TX
Pro-Tem Rentals Midland-Odessa
ID Beveling Tools Houston Texas
Pipe and Tube Saws Houston
Stainless Steel Pipe Beveling Dallas
Orbital Welding Houston TX
Pipe Cutting Bits Houston TX
Automated Pipe Welding Fort Worth
Copier Pipe Beveling Houston TX
Pandjiris Pipe Positioning Houston TX
Circle Burners Oxy-Fuel Midland TX
CNC Cutting Equipment Odessa TX
3-Jaw Spider Chucks Houston TX
Pipe Beveling Rentals Dallas TX
Orbital Pipe Welding Dallas-DFW
Pipe Beveling Rentals Houston TX
End Prep Machine Rentals Midland
Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma

Pipe Beveling Bits New Orleans
Welding Rentals Baton Rouge
Fixed Pipe Welding New Orleans
Auto Clamping System Baton Rouge
Plasma Pipe Cutting New Orleans
Tig Welding Machines Lafayette LA
Pipe Beveling Rentals Tulsa OK
Pneumatic Beveling Motor Albuquerque
ARC Welding Rentals New Orleans
Pipe Beveling Rentals Baton Rouge
Welding Power Supply Rentals
Welding Fume and Dust Extraction
Pipe Beveling Bits Albuquerque NM
Split Frame Welding Albuquerque
Orbital Welding Baton Rouge
Coupling Welder Tulsa OK
Tube-to-Tubesheet Weld Heads Tulsa

Repairs: AMI - All Brands
AMI Machines - Rentals Service Repairs
Service and Repair Center - All Brands
Orbital Welding-Cutting-Beveling

Rentals Pipe-Tube Cutting Saws
Orbital Welding Machines Rentals
Avani Fume and Dust Extraction
Production Welding Systems
Rentals Tube Facing Rental
CNC Pipe Cutting Equipment Houston

Rentals: Orbital Equipment
Rental - Welding Power Supply
Rental - Orbital Welding Machines
Rental - Pipe and Tube Cutting Saws
Rental - Orbital Pipe Beveling Equipment
Rental - Hotwire TIG Welding Equipment
Rental - Tube Facing Machines

Orbital Equipment: Alberta Canada
Orbital Welding Machines Alberta
Pipe Beveling Rentals Alberta
Orbital Welding Machines Calgary
Hotwire TIG Welding Calgary AB
Hotwire TIG Welding Edmonton AB
Orbital Welding Rentals Edmonton AB
Southeastern USA: AL, FL, MS

Pipe Beveling Rentals Mobile AL
Orbital Welding Moss Point MS
Orbital Welding Rentals Tampa FL
Welding Machine Rentals Orlando FL
PROTEM USA ID Beveling Miami
Pipe Beveling Rentals Jacksonville FL
Rentals Hotwire TIG Welding Orlando
Rentals TIPTIG Welding Tampa
Watts CNC Pipe Cutting Equipment Miami
Hotwire Tig Welding Machines Mobile AL
Orbital Welding Machine Mobile AL
Welding Equipment Theodore AL
Orbital Welding Equipment Tampa FL
Pipe Beveling Rentals Gulfport MS

Ohio Valley: KY, IN, PA, IL, MI
Orbital Welding Rentals Chicago
Rent Orbital Equipment Cleveland OH
Rentals: Orbital Machines Cincinnati OH
Orbital Welding Rentals Chicago
Orbital Welding Rentals Detroit MI
Orbital Welding Rentals Pittsburgh PA
Orbital TIG Welding Rentals Indianapolis
Rental TIG Welding Harrisburg PA
Rentals: Hotwire TIG Grand Rapids MI