Magnatech 800 Series

Magnatech introduces an entirely new line of easy-to-operate tools for autogenous tube welding. Five models (805, 810, 820, 830, 840, 860) with overlapping ranges cover tubes from 3 – 152 mm (0.125” - 6”) O.D. Magnatech’s 800 series heads make tube-to-tube and tube-to-fitting welds in less time with precision and repeatability. The double-clamping design simplifies work piece fit-up and eliminates tack welding in many cases. Collets are available for any tube and fitting size.

Digital technology forever eliminates the need for periodic weld head calibration. Rotation speed remains accurate regardless of head wear, and heads can be interchanged without time-consuming recalibration.


  • WELD HEADS 800 SERIES 805, 810, 820, 830, 840, 860
  • Collets for all tube sizes / fitting geometries
  • Waterproof carry case standard
  • Bench mount bracket
  • Internal weld head cooling standard
  • Convenient flip-up view port allows final inspection before welding
  • Encoder motors provide precise, repeatable speed regulation
  • “Jam” detection/protection. If rotation stops for any reason, it is instantly sensed and power to the motor is immediately interrupted.
  • No more damaged motors or drive trains
  • Standard 8 m (25’) hose pack length
  • New rotation drive design tolerant of metal debris
  • “Home” position switch automatically readies the head for removal following weld completion and never requires adjustment
  • Simple assembly makes field service straightforward

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