Axxair SATF-ND Series

Axxair introduces a line of easy-to-operate tools for autogenous tube welding. Three models (SATF-115ND, SATF-65ND, SATF-40ND) with overlapping ranges cover tubes from 3 – 152 mm (.25” - 4.6”) O.D. Axxair's SATF-ND series heads make tube-to-tube and tube-to-fitting welds in less time with precision and repeatability.


-Water-cooled head
-Dual-wing opening
-Collet -stainless steel (req. 2 per diameter)
-Tungsten electrode specific to diameter
-Adjustable spring loaded system: accounts for tube “out of round”
-Variable Start Point: allows for tungsten electrode start up at all angles
-Protection against start-up without tungsten electrode
-Machines are delivered in individual cases

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