Magnatech Pipeliner MPS 4000

The MPS 4000 is a digital inverter power source for GMAW/FCAW process welding applications.


Compatibility: All models of Magnatech Pipeliner weld heads (FCAW/GMAW process)

  • Multi-pass welding of pipes
  • Operates all variants of Magnatech Pipeliner weld Heads (FCAW/GMAW process)
  • 400 Amp output
  • Autoranging power input eliminates all internal modifications
  • Pulsed/spray modes
  • Integral switch prevents welding without torch gas flow
  • Coolant recirculator with integral flow switch protection
  • Meets applicable NEMA, CE, CSA standards
  • Pendant allows remote operation
  • Synergic operation of electrode speed/power output
  • Factory optimized stored programs for most materials
  • Program development service available for special alloys
  • Outdoor job site usage (IP23 rating)

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