Magnatech T Head Model 419

The Magnetech T 419 Weld Head designed to make pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-fitting welds. It is “full function” – with the capability of reproducing all the motions of a skilled manual welder. The T Head is used for larger diameter/heavy wall applications, requiring the precise weld process control of gas tungsten arc welding.


  • WELD HEADS 800 SERIES 805, 810, 820, 830, 840, 860
  • Collets for all tube sizes / fitting geometries
  • Waterproof carry case standard
  • Bench mount bracket
  • Internal weld head cooling standard
  • Convenient flip-up view port allows final inspection before welding
  • Encoder motors provide precise, repeatable speed regulation
  • “Jam” detection/protection. If rotation stops for any reason, it is instantly sensed and power to the motor is immediately interrupted.
  • No more damaged motors or drive trains
  • Standard 8 m (25’) hose pack length
  • New rotation drive design tolerant of metal debris
  • “Home” position switch automatically readies the head for removal following weld completion, and never requires adjustment
  • Simple assembly makes field service straightforward

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