Protem US Series

Protem provides a line of tools for pipe and tube beveling. Eights lines (US25, US30CH, US40, US25 CA, US40 CA, US80, US150, US450) with overlapping ranges covers pipe and tube from 12.5 – 1,422 mm (0.5” - 56”) O.D. Protem US series pipe beveling machines are powerful, sturdy, versatile and reliable.



PROTEM Pipe Beveling Machines
The quality of the welding will always depend on the quality of the preparation of the weld edges. High-quality beveling/squaring for different types of joints:

V bevel | X bevel | J Bevel

Beveling | Pipe and Tube Facing | Counterboring

These beveling tools can also be used for the removal of weld joints on tube sheets.

The PROTEM US Series will deliver repeatable high quality weld preparations on all types of materials including stainless steel duplex, super duplex, inconel, P91etc.

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