AMI Model 415 Power Supply

The Model 415 WDR Power Supply can control third party positioners and welding manipulators. The Model 415 WDR incorporates a powerful automation controller designed to meet the challenges of the most demanding welding applications. At the heart of the power supply is an industrial computer programmed via a large 12” touch screen or keyboard. The intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) makes programming easy using standard welding industry terminology and clearly organized input fields.


  • Solid State, precision, pulsed, air cooled GTAW Power Source
  • Operates all AMI Weld Heads.
  • Complete welding operations at weld head location up to 200 feet from power supply
  • Complete welding operation remotely (at power supply) from weld head up to 200 feet.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI ) display of all weld information.
  • Color VGA Display with “Touch Screen” for ease of operation.
  • Programmable memory for storage of all weld schedule information and function values.
  • 4 standard Closed Loop Motor Servos, 4 optional Closed Loop Motor Servos.
  • 8 Optional Open Loop Motor drives for positioning and jog functions.
  • Create Weld Schedules at the Power Supply or download from a PC or Main Frame.

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