AMI Model 8-4000 Weld Head

The Model 8 series weld heads are orbital weld heads for fusion (GTAW) welding of fittings, tubing and thin wall pipe. The narrow width of these heads makes it ideal for limited clearance applications, such as welding fitting to fitting or fitting to valve body assemblies. Welds materials such as stainless steel, titanium, Hastelloyâ„¢ and other autogenously weldable alloys.


A key feature of the Model 8 series weld heads is its unique cooling design, allowing high duty-cycle welding. When connected to an AMI cooling unit, all components of this weld head are liquid-cooled, including cables, clamp housings and electrode rotor.

A variety of clamps are available to perfectly suit every welding application. For fitting-to-fitting or tube-to-fitting welds the standard (narrow) clamps require the least amount of stick-out.

Quick Specs
Tube/Pipe OD Range 0.50" - 4.094" 12,7 mm - 104 mm
Travel Motor D.C., P.M., D.C. Tachometer
Head Weight 10 lbs. (4,5 kg)
Electrode Size 1/16" and 3/32" (1,59 mm and 2,38 mm)
Rotor RPM 0.1 - 10.0
Cable Length 25 ft. (7,6 m) when connected to adapter cable (included with Power Supply)
Water Cooling Allows high duty-cycle for heavy wall applications

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